formaScienza is a group of young scientists from different research areas. From 2005 it is a laboratory of action-research to explore new methods to diffuse the idea of scientific thinking as a part of people's basic culture.

formaScienza works with young people and schools in particular with the following aims:
  • Contribute in developing a correct meaning of "scientific statement" in the common sense;
  • Stress the fact that scientific thinking must be part of the general knowledge and not only a techical instrument for scientists;
  • Deepen the role of scientist and of science, in order to improve the relationships between science and society;
  • Stress the differences between science and technology.
The activities of the association deal with the science as a culture phenomenon and not with its specific contents. Among the activities there are laboratories for schools, courses for teachers, Science Cafe night events, events about science and the arts.

The researchers of formaScienza have a strong background of scientific research activity and a long experience in education and communication of science.

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