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Junior science cafes are science cafes organised by a group of high school students, with the supervision of two researchers from formaScienza.
The students chose the theme, the guest scientists and the readings. The event is conducted by the students.
Students become protagonists in building knowledge, they develop key skills, first of all the ability to discriminate against reliable scientific information. They become active cultural promoters to their own territory.

In 2009-2012 the project Junior Science Cafè, in the practice of FormaScienza, was considered best practices under the Scicafe project (Seventh European Commission's Quarter Program).

In 2013-2015 the practice of Junior Science Cafè was adopted as a case study for a creative science teaching in the framework of the European CREAT-IT project Implementing Creative Strategies in Science Teaching (Lifelong Learning Program), which spread their guidelines in Europe through international workshops and schools.

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Junior Science Café 2014-2016

Project "Divulgazione Scientifica" - Science Café
partner: the Institution of Libraries of Rome.

Affective Dependency: Between Utopia and Reality
with Grazia Attili, psychologist, and Monica Carosi, ethologist
april 5th 2016, 4,30 p.m., Biblioteca Renato Nicolini
via Marino Mazzacurati 76, Roma
coordinator students: classe II A del Liceo Classico Eugenio Montale

The science of emotions
with Alberto Oliviero, psychobiologist, and Luciano De Fiore, philosopher
april 29th 2016, 5,15 p.m., Biblioteca Elsa Morante
via Adolfo Cozza 7, Roma
coordinator students: Liceo Antonio Labriola

Artificial intelligence
with Massimo Marraffa, philosopher, and Michela Goffredo, neurengineer
may 13th 2016, 5,15 p.m., Biblioteca Vaccheria Nardi
via Grotta di Gregna 37, Roma
coordinator students: classe V B del Liceo Benedetto Croce

Robots dream of electric sheep?
with Domenico Parisi, psychologist, and Francesco Infarinato, bioengineer
may 29th 2016, 5,15 p.m., Biblioteca Franco Basaglia
via Federico Borromeo 67, Roma
coordinator students: Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Einstein-Bachelet

All videos by students: click here

Junior Science Café 2012

Non-verbal languages
with Marino Bonaiuto, psychologist, and Alfonso Troisi, psychiatrist
may 24th, 5 p.m., Liceo Scientifico Falcone e Borsellino, Zagarolo
coordinator students: Liceo Scientifico
Streaming trailer by students: click here

Junior Science Café 2011

This project is supported by Italian Ministry of Education and the Institution of Libraries of Rome.

Time travels
with Giovanni Amelino Camelia, physicist, Matteo Morganti, philosopher
June 10th, 19 p.m., Biblioteca Villa Mercede
via Tiburtina 113, Roma
coordinator students: Liceo B. Croce

Scenarios from the end of the world
with Sandro Calmanti, clomatologist, Andrea Novelletto, biologist
June 14th, 18:30 p.m., Technotown, Villa Torlonia
via Spallanzani 1a, Roma
coordintaors: Focus Group CSJ European Project SciCafe

Junior Science Café 2010

To infinity, and beyond!
with Mauro Dorato, philosopher, Nicola Menci, cosmologist
June 3rd, 5,30 p.m., Biblioteca Casale Nardi
coordinator students: Liceo Croce

Conversation on sex
with Enrico Alleva, biologist, Cinzia Silvaggi, psychologist
May 20th, 5 p.m., Liceo Mamiani
coordinator students: Liceo Mamiani

Black holes
with Roberto Capuzzo Dolcetta, physicist
Jan 28th, 6,30 p.m., Biblioteca Guglielmo Marconi
coordinator students: Liceo Antonietti

Junior Science Café 2009

Video trailer (italian)

"We are not alone"The life in universe
with Cristiano Cosmovici, physicist, Pier Luigi Luisi, biologist
May 13th 2009, 7 p.m., Biblioteca Comunale Villa Mercede
coordinator students: Liceo Machiavelli

"Disturbia mentis"In the labyrinth of brain
with Massimiliano Aragona, philosopher, Giuseppe Ducci, psychiatrist
14 maggio 2009, 7 p.m., Biblioteca Comunale Casa del Parco
coordinator students: Liceo Torricelli

"The life in a cell"
with Mara Riminucci, doctor, Federica Sangiuolo, biologist
8 giugno 2009, 6 p.m., Biblioteca Comunale Gianni Rodari
cordinator students: ITIS Giovanni XXIII

Junior science café of Rome are linked with Florence junior science café.

Junior Science Café 2008

"A dive in the universe"
with Paolo de Bernardis and Luigi Stella, astrophysicists
Dec. 9th 2008, 7 p.m. Biblioteca Comunale "Villa Mercede" coordinator students: Liceo Machiavelli

"Robot walking in the space"
with Daniele Nardi, engineer, Ettore Perozzi, physicist
May 22nd 2008, 8,30 p.m., Biblioteca Comunale Casa del Parco coordinator students: Liceo Torricelli
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"Extra-terrestrial life"
with Ernesto Di Mauro and Antonio Lazcano, biologists
May 23rd 2008, ore 7 p.m., Biblioteca Comunale Marconi
coordinator students: Liceo Montale