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by Cinzia Belmonte e Tommaso Castellani

A musical fairytale, a lesson of astronomy, a projection of wondrous images obtained by the most powerful telescopes in the world, a story of how humanity has tried to understand itself and the universe around it... whatever you might call it, Minuetto Astronomico is an experiment, a combination of lesson and playful show, where two scientists-actors-musicians are involving the audience in the adventure of discovering the universe.
From a flat, stationary Earth, a thought less naive than what it seems, to a round one, but still motionless and in the center of the universe... moving on, to the description of the mysterious motion of the planets, the elliptical orbits and the laws of gravity, up until taking a glance even further away, at the discovery of other galaxies of elegant shapes and mysterious objects like the black holes.
"Minuetto Astronomico" is aimed particularly at children and teenagers of all school levels. The background projection of images, the explanation-action on stage which interacts directly with the audience and the multiple levels of the presented material can make this lesson-show understandable to the youngest ones and yet interesting for the adults.

Go to videos to watch the trailer.

Minuetto Astronomico is a project by formaScienza in collaboration with Gruppo Sperimentale Villanuccia and with the Pool Factory.
It is used the open-source software Stellarium to simulate the sky.

by Cinzia Belmonte and Tommaso Castellani

Cinzia Belmonte and Tommaso Castellani (cast 1)
Stefania Mellace and Davide Strava (cast 2)

director Cinzia Belmonte
music Tommaso Castellani
scenes Alessandro Marziano
costumes Nino Cannatà

animations and software Flaviano Pizzardi and Matteo Loddo
drawings Rossella Pugliesi
scenes assistant Antonella Chiaro
costumes assistant Monica Caminiti
production assistant Linda Leccese
technical assistant Antonio Ianiero

(photos by Linda Leccese)

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