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Is it possible to talk about science through theater?
formaScienza is trying to answer this question through projects of science theater.

Science theater has often been blamed of limiting itself to simple anecdotes, and tales of biographical or historical events. Or on the contrary, of being only a set of demonstrations and scientific experiments without a plot or characters. The research of formaScienza is exploring the interaction between theatrical language and the scientific methods and ideas, through the production of plays, performances, science shows and workshops of science-theatre.

In this branch of research activities, concerning science-theater, we pay particular attention to children's theater: a practice that took its first steps in the field of educational methods, it is now bearing fruits with the production of plays and workshops, developed through years of experience in the classroom.

Projects of science-theater

Minuetto Astronomico - Astronomical Minuet, performance of science-theater for children
Science Show, scientific tales for adults and children: researchers talk about themselves and their work.
Il sogno di Keplero - Kepler's dream, performance of science-theater for adults (june 2013).

Workshops of science-theater

Kepler's dream, for actors and scientists
Stars on stage, for schools
On the footsteps of female scientists, for schools

Collaborations with actors

Lara Chiellino
Actress, with a multidisciplinary theatrical training: she studied in the Academy of Dramatic Arts "Silvio D'Amico", where among her teachers there was Marisa Fabbri; she followed a number of courses among which, DAMS in Cosenza, the RAT Center - Teatro Stabile d'Innovazione in Calabria, the indian group Milòn Mela, the University of Salvador in Buenos Aires, the European School for the Art of Actors, the Potlach Theatre, workshops with Emma Dante and Pierpaolo Sepe, among others. Antonello Antonante, Massimiliano Farau, Ulderico Pesce are some of the people she has worked with.

Stefania Mellace
Graduated from DAMS in the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy at the University of "Roma Tre", she also studied in the National Academy of Dramatic Arts "Silvio D'Amico". She followed courses of contemporary dance and contact improvisation (with S.Alessandri, G.Surrenti), a workshop of biomechanics (C.Spadola) and the art of words (M.L.Carones and others), a course of the Feldenkrais Method (I.Habib), a course of pantomime and masks (M.Monetta), a workshop of candomblè (A.Omolù) and other workshops of acting and bodily expression. She participated in a number of theatrical collaborations as a dancer-actress in theatrical plays in various theaters in Calabria, Siena, Rome and suburbs.

Theater workshop - Border island
Created by actors, musicians and theater scholars who are experts in the use of the theatrical mask and the technique of improvisation, having as a point of reference the "Commedia dell'Arte". The research areas vary from an in-depth analysis of the actor to poetry as a scenic composition, from music as a theatrical language to popular songs, to the theater as a training and educational instrument.
Its members have concluded a long internship at the Proskenion Theater, a group founded by Claudio La Camera in 1989 in Reggio Calabria, that conducts artistic activities and research, international festival and is actively collaborating with ISTA (International School of Theater Anthropology) since 1995, organizing annual sessions at the University of Eurasian Theater, founded and managed by Eugenio Barba.
The Theater Workshop establishes its activities on the idea that education can act as an instrument of evolution in theater.